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Do you want garage door specialists who are able to answer any questions you have about potential problems? Do you want someone to be able to repair your garage door as soon as possible? If you are looking for either of these things, Same Day Garage Door Service & Repair is what you need. Our specialists are dispatched as soon as possible to address your garage door needs in a timely manner, whether it’s repairs, maintenance, or installation. We hire the best specialists because you deserve to work with only the best garage door specialists.

Garage Door Repair Services

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Remotes & Clickers

If you want to save time on your morning drive, garage door remotes and clickers are an easy way to make that happen. Find the remote or clicker that can sync with your garage door opener, and you can open and close it without taking a single step outside your car. Of course, it can be really inconvenient when they aren’t working as expected. Luckily, you can reach out to us so we can help return your garage door remote and/or clicker to working condition, allowing you to once again go to and from home at your convenience. 

Garage Door

Say goodbye to manually operating your garage door with a garage door opener. Whether through a keypad, app, or remote, a garage door opener makes parking your car very easy. However, there might be times when you find yourself ready to give up after what feels like hours of troubleshooting a problem with your garage door opener. However, our technicians are here to fix your garage door opener once you’ve exhausted all the tips and tricks you can do yourself.  

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Springs allow your garage door to operate as expected. Staying on top of your garage door springs is important for your garage door to function properly and for the safety of yourself and others. A worn-out or broken spring can lead to damaged property or injuries. That’s why you want to stay on top of garage door spring maintenance and call for help from our technicians when you need it.

Garage Door

Lubrication, cleaning, and even small part replacements are just some examples of garage door maintenance. A well-maintained garage door will last a long time, withstand any weather conditions, and operate smoothly. While there are some maintenance tasks you can easily handle yourself, it’s important to know what maintenance routines should be left to our technicians. Give us a call today and find out what you can do yourself and what you can leave in the hands of our technicians.

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Cables & Tracks

Cables and tracks are just two additional garage door parts that allow it to operate safely and smoothly. The cables allow the door to stay balanced, and the tracks keep the garage door in place when in motion. Keeping these parts clean, aligned, and lubricated as needed will help your garage door last. If you need your tracks realigned or your cables replaced, call one of our technicians first so you can go back to using your garage door, as usual, sooner rather than later.

Houston’s Finest Garage Door Repairmen

Same Day Garage Door Repair lives up to its name in every way, from our quick response to requests to immediate dispatching. Don’t worry about waiting weeks for a technician to come to your aid, so reach out to us today!

Garage Door

Garage doors aren’t built to last forever and will eventually need to be replaced. This process is absolutely painless when you work with our garage door specialists. They will guide you through the process of installation and ensure that the process is complete within a day, so you can safely park your car during the night. Our specialists can also assist with adding insulation to your garage door if you’re looking to save on your energy bills to stay cool in the summer and warm up in the winter. Whether you’re getting a garage door for your new home or replacing an old one, you can depend on Same Day Garage Door Service & Repair for efficient and thorough garage door installation.

Glass Garage

Do you want your home to have a modern look? Are you looking for a creative way to boost your home’s curb appeal? Glass garage doors will be the answer to both those questions. With a glass garage door, you can give your home a modern upgrade without sacrificing privacy. This is because glass garage doors use glass that doesn’t allow prying eyes to see everything in your garage. Glass garage doors are also a great way to bring natural light into your home. If you’re thinking of getting a glass garage door for your home, or you need maintenance for your current one, contact us today at Same Day Garage Door Service & Repair.

Garage Doors

Steel garage doors offer a multitude of benefits, from the many design possibilities to overall longevity and durability. With Houston being prone to many storms, from floods to hurricanes, a steel garage door will do an excellent job keeping your home safe and withstanding anything nature throws at it. Steel garage doors can also boost curb appeal since they can be made to fit any style, from carriage-house to mid-century modern and many more. Steel garage doors also require particular care in order to last as long as possible. Our specialists at Same Day Garage Door Service & Repair can address any and all concerns you may have about steel garage doors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major garage door parts?

The parts that you will find with every garage door are springs, cables, tracks, rollers, panels, hinges, bearing plates, and an opener.

Which garage door parts require lubrication?

The parts of your garage door that require lubrication are the springs, hinges, rollers, bearing plates, and any locking mechanism.

What kind of materials can garage doors be made of?

Garage doors can be made of a wide variety of materials. This includes but is not limited to wood, fiberglass, glass, aluminum, metal, steel, and so many more.

How long do garage doors last?

A garage door’s lifespan varies based on material, maintenance, and type, but it typically lasts ten to fifteen years.

Should I insulate my garage door?

Yes, you should insulate your garage door. Insulation is a great way to reduce noise coming from your garage and regulate the temperature throughout the year. These are just two of the many benefits you can reap from insulating your garage door.

What sizes do residential garage doors come in?

Residential garage doors are usually manufactured in single or double sizes. As the names imply, a single garage door can fit one vehicle, while a double garage door houses two.

How can I open and close my garage door remotely?

If you connect a remote or clicker to your garage door opener, you can easily open and shut your garage door without stepping out of your car. There are also smart garage door openers that will let you operate your garage door through an app.

What does it mean to weatherproof a garage door?

A weatherproof garage door is fully prepared to withstand many severe weather conditions, especially floods, and hurricanes. Usually, this involves sealing your garage door to prevent it from flooding. That same sealant can also be useful in preventing rodents from entering your garage.

What is the difference between attached and detached garages?

Attached garages are connected to your home, while detached garages are their own separate structure on your property.

What garage door services do you provide?

In addition to repairs, our technicians also perform maintenance as well as garage door installations. We are also able to replace any parts of your garage that are past their prime. 

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