Many elements can have an impact on how much you might pay for garage door services, and panel repair services are no exception. They are one of the first parts of your property seen by others, so ensuring that they are in pristine, working condition is paramount. Neglecting to repair garage door panels can lead to visible damage and wear that can ruin their functionality and lower their curb appeal. As for the cost of same-day panel repair, many things can influence it. 

5 Factors That Influence The Cost Of Same-Day Panel Repair

Quite a few factors can influence the cost of same-day panel repair for your garage door. Here are five of those most notable factors: 

1. Material 

One major factor that affects the cost of same-day panel repair is the garage door material. Glass and wood panels are the most expensive to repair or replace, at $250-$1,000. After that, fiberglass, steel, and aluminum are the least expensive panels to repair or replace for as little as $100-$150 or as much as $350-$500. However, material is not the only aspect to consider when trying to calculate the cost of same-day panel repair services. 

2. Size

The size of your garage door and its panels will also impact the total cost. If you have a small garage door, the panel repair and replacement costs will be low, while they will be higher for large garage door panels. This same reasoning is applicable whether your garage door is built for a garage that houses one vehicle or multiple. 

3. Type of Door 

Another major factor that determines the cost of same-day panel repair is the type of garage door you own. Standard sectional garage door panels, for instance, are $250-$500 to replace, while side sliding garage door panel replacement costs can be as little as $250 or up to $3,000. Properties that use roll-up or tilt-up garage doors can expect to pay $400-$1,900 for panel repair and replacement services. 

4. Professional vs. DIY

Whether you hire a professional or go for a DIY approach will also impact the cost of same-day panel repair for your garage door. If you have the experience and skills to replace or repair your own garage door panels, you could potentially save money if you aren’t in need of additional supplies. However, that savings can greatly vary, and you might still end up paying either the same amount of money or more than you would by hiring a professional garage door technician for this service. 

5. Repair vs. Replacement 

Finally, the cost of same-day panel repair services will ultimately depend on the kind of repairs being performed or if those repairs end up being replacement services. Replacement services will usually cost more than repairs. However, sometimes repairs might be more expensive if the damage to your panels is particularly severe. In these cases, just have your panels completely replaced and save more money. 

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Now you know about five factors that influence the cost of same-day panel repair and replacement services. The material, size, and type of garage door you own, as well as whether you attempt the repairs yourself or hire a professional, are just some of them. Even whether you end up having to replace your panels can impact the final cost. 

All that’s left to figure out is which same-day garage door repair service in Houston you wish to hire to address the state of your panels. Luckily, you can skip the Google search and reach out to our team at Same Day Garage Door Service & Repair. Contact us today for more information about our garage door panel repair and replacement services.