Garage Door Services

Garage Door Services

You won’t need to wait anymore when you reach out to us at Same Day Garage Door Services and Repairs. Our technicians can perform an extensive array of services for your garage door. We complete each job thoroughly and address each request with the urgency it deserves. We are also happy to answer any questions you have about garage door maintenance, installation, and repairs. Here’s a closer look at the services we provide.

Garage Door Services

Garage Door

If you need repairs for your garage door as soon as possible, that’s exactly what we are known for at Same Day Garage Door Repair services. Our technicians can take care of any garage door repairs at any time. We provide repairs for springs, cables, tracks, openers, remotes, and clickers. Reach out to us the moment you notice something amiss with your garage door. Waiting to address the potential problem will allow it to get worse over time.

Garage Door

Whether your new home is in the process of being built or you need a part replaced, our technicians can also be counted on for garage door installation. We work with many kinds of garage doors, no matter what size, style, or material they are. Our technicians will also gladly answer any and all questions you might have about the installation process, and we will make sure you are prepared when the time comes for the installation itself. We will also help you find the perfect garage door for your home based on practical and stylistic needs.  

Garage Door

In order to get the most out of your garage door, you need to be consistent with the necessary maintenance routines for each individual part. Deep cleaning certain parts of your garage is one very easy way you can keep your garage doors in shape. Of course, some maintenance tasks require the attention of a garage door technician. For these heavy-duty maintenance tasks, you can trust our technicians to do a thorough job.

Houston’s Finest Garage Door Repairmen

We provide professional and comprehensive garage door services to the Greater Houston metropolitan area. Always with a smile on our face, we are prepared for any garage door situation you throw our way. Contact Houston Garage Door Repairman today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I lubricate my garage door parts with WD40?

Do not use WD40 as a garage door lubricant. This substance will allow particles and debris to stick to your garage door, making it more difficult to operate. Experts recommend using silicone-based lubricants for your garage door. 

When do garage door springs need repairs?

Garage door springs need repairs when they are wearing out to the point that it seems like they could snap at any moment or if they seem to be getting loose. Ensuring your springs are tight enough and lubricated as needed will ensure that they work as expected.

How can I maintain my garage door tracks and cables?

Cleaning your garage door tracks and cables every six months is one of the easiest ways to maintain them. Keep an eye out for any looseness, fraying, or misalignment in your tracks and cables.

How can I prepare for a garage door installation?

To prepare for a garage door installation, make sure your garage is clean and clear of anything that might get in the way. Ensure that all vehicles are parked outside the garage for the duration of the installation. These are just two easy ways to make the job of our technicians easier.

Is weatherproofing a garage door worth it?

Weatherproofing your garage door is absolutely worth it, especially if you live in an area that’s prone to experiencing severe weather conditions. Sealing your garage door is one way to approach weatherproofing your garage door.

What are the two types of garage door springs?

The two types of garage door springs are torsion and extension springs. Torsion springs are recommended for their durability.

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